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Important notes for the latest build 
Todoc will work for methods only, and only methods composed of 2 words. For instance, GetStuff or AddPerson.


Todoc automatically adds documentation by analyzing the name of your methods and properties, and their access modifiers.

Fully automated - no manual work needed!

Just program as you normally would! Todoc supports many naming conventions. As long as you keep your code somewhat reasonable, Todoc will automatically apply documentation when opening documents, or saving existing ones.

Todoc respects your comments

Todoc will only add and maintain comments that have been auto-generated. As soon as you decide to change a comment, Todoc will never modify that comment again. Todoc won't modify code segments that contain comments already either, so no existing documentation will be lost.

Only nescessary documentation is added

One could argue that only public, internal and protected fields theoretically need documentation. Todoc respects this, and only covers these areas. This decision was made by the project's owner, Mathias Lorenzen. If you disagree with this, feel free to add a comment describing why.


After writing the following code and saving the document:

public void AddPerson(string name) { }

The following documentation would automatically be generated and added, by analyzing the words using the Entity Framework pluralization service.

/// <summary>Adds a person given a name.</summary>
/// <param term='name'>The name of the person.</param>

Or the following code:

public void RemoveApples(string searchTerm) { }

Which would (through the same techniques) produce the following documentation output:

/// <summary>Removes some apples given a search term.</summary>
/// <param term='searchTerm'>The search term for the apples to remove.</param>

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